Digitize Habersham Official Launch

Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2022
Time: 5:30 - 6:30pm
Location: Stewart Auditorium in Stewart Hall at Piedmont University

Join Us

Be there to officially launch Digitize Habersham and watch a brief demonstration to see how it works. We look forward to seeing you!


Until now, finding articles and other historical information about Habersham County in previous editions of local newspapers has been challenging. Bound newspapers and microfilm available in libraries are not indexed. Unless you know exactly when an event took place, it can take many hours to locate an article - if you find it at all. Limited hours of operation also add to the difficulty of finding the information.

Over the past two years, Habersham Education & Research has been working hard to digitize historic newspapers published in Habersham County. These include:

   The Clarkesville Advertiser (1882-1918)
   The Northeast Georgian (1857, 1925-1957)
   The Tri-County Advertiser (1919-1957)
   The Demorest Times (1891-1896)

Now, finding information about Habersham's history is a single click away! Enter your search criteria and your results quickly appear. It's that easy.


Directions to Stewart Hall

Stewart Hall (circled below) is adjacent to Daniel Hall on the campus of Piedmont University. Parking is available next to Stewart Hall, with additional parking across the street. The pedestrian bridge across Hwy 441 can be used to walk across the street and directly to Stewart Auditorium inside of Stewart Hall. Look for signs inside the building to locate the auditorium.


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