3,500 Facebook members and going strong

As the first anniversary of our Habersham History Facebook page is approaching, we are thrilled to have 3500 Facebook members helping us preserve Habersham County's Rich History! The group was created on March 23, 2023.Join the group today. It's free and full of great information about people, places and events from Habersham's past. Click here to join.

More Newspaper Pages Coming Soon - Help Needed!

We started Digitize Habersham almost a year ago with 10,000 newspaper pages. If you're not already familiar with Digitize Habersham, it's a FREE digitial archive available to the public containing historic newspapers, all published in Habersham County going as far back as the 1850s through the 1950s.

Since its inception, Habersham Education & Research has worked hard to raise enough money to continue adding more historic newspapers. The money raised has helped pay for an additional 37,000 pages, giving us a total of 47,000 newspaper pages to date.

Digitize Habersham has been instrumental in helping people find stories about family members, facts about historic places and events, including happy occasions such as engagements, weddings, golden anniversaries and so much more.

We need your help

There are another 75,000 historic newspaper pages available to be digitized, but we need additional funding to pay for the digitization. Your donation will help us continue to preserve the rich history of Habersham County. Please consider donating or becoming a community partner. Click here to make a donation.

Try Digitize Habersham

Finding historic information about Habersham County is now as easy as clicking a search button. Give it try and see for yourself: Click here to try Digitize Habersham.

Watch a Video about Digitize Habersham

Video: Introducing Digitize Habersham

Watch our latest Video: Harold Jameson - World War II Veteran

Habersham Education & Research had the honor of interviewing Harold Jameson, a U. S. Navy veteran who served in World War II on the U.S.S. Saratoga. Click on the image above to watch his video interview.

Discuss Habersham's History on Our New Facebook Group

Habersham Education & Research recently launched its new Facebook Group called Habersham History and it has become an instant success. Over 500 people so far have joined the history conversation. Join us to learn and share information about Habersham County's rich history. Click here to join in on the conversation.

Cornelia: A Train Town

Our latest documentary, Cornelia: A Train Town is now available on YouTube. This documentary tells the story of how the junction of two train lines gave birth to the City of Cornelia. This documentary is the result of a year-long effort, interviewing over 40 local citizens and regional experts to help tell the story.

For anyone interested in the history of Cornelia as well as a number of related topics such as The Big Red Apple, Hotels in Cornelia, The Tallulah Falls Railroad, Art, Music and Movies inspired by the Cornelia Depot and much more, click on the link below:

How Habersham Education & Research is
Preserving History

Please watch our latest video to learn more about how Habersham Education & Research is working hard to preserve Habersham's rich history.

Digitize Habersham Video

Learn about Digitize Habersham

Help Preserve History on Giving Tuesday - Donate Today

This Giving Tuesday, we are asking for your support. Your gift to Habersham Education   Research will allow us to continue preserving Habersham's history.

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Thank you for your support.

Digitize Habersham

Join us to officially launch Digitize Habersham; a web site that will revolutionize the way you research historic information about Habersham County. Click here for more details.

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